First Field Restoration Event!

After 3 months of workshops and training with the Frost Science Museum here in Miami, it was finally time for my first official event as Science Communication Fellow with the Museum. Our task for the next 6 months was to share our scientific knowledge with school groups and volunteers during specific coastal restoration events. The site we are restoring is located on Virginia Key, an artificial island created during the dredging of Port Miami.

2015-01-10 11.46.26 HDR

The Museum has planted sea oats, a vegetation with an extensive root system that holds together sand dunes and prevents them from eroding during storms, protecting the interior land. As you can see above, they are still very young.

2015-02-14 11.41.46

Today, we had a group of Upward Bound middle school students come out. Their job was to remove invasive seedlings that might impede sea oat growth and to pick up trash washed in by the tide. My job was to teach them about the importance of the restoration project and about the endemic species that will utilize this habitat.

2015-01-10 10.57.29 HDR

Overall, the students were eager to learn and be engaged, and you can’t beat Miami in January.


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