Video: “Planting Trees to Fight Flooding” – The New Yorker

Article: Miami Faces an Underwater Future – The New Yorker

A documentary series about how sea level rise threatens Miami. I talk about the importance the Everglades plays in protecting it.

“Students visit DC to understand science communication for policy integration”

An article about a trip I co-organized to expose FIU graduate and undergraduate students to policy opportunities in DC and jobs outside of academia

A short video about my research!

“Everglades Under Attack” – Fusion Media

A video documentary about how sea level rise threatens the Everglades. I was interviewed about my research regarding peat collapse.

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“This is How South Florida Ends” – Gizmodo

News article about environmental pressures facing South Florida and the Everglades. I was interviewed about my research on the vulnerability of the Everglades to saltwater intrusion.

“Rising Seas Push Too Much Salt into the Florida Everglades” – NPR

NPR interviews my advisor, Dr. Tiffany Troxler, about our research on saltwater intrusion and peat collapse in the Everglades

“Florida Everglades Face New Invasive Threat – Rising Sea Levels” – PBS Newshour

Our research group is featured in a video news piece about how we are investigating how the Everglades will respond to sea level rise